• Improve cost management

    Improve cost management in a high-inflation environment

    While economists are at loggerheads as to whether inflation is transitory or long-lasting, one thing is certain: It’s happening, and just about everyone is feeling it up and down the supply chain. Chief among those experiencing the manifestations of inflation are manufacturers. Due to rising freight costs, manufacturers’ margins are...

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  • How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence

    Hire for Emotional Intelligence

    How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence We know from research (and common sense) that people who understand and manage their own and others’ emotions make better leaders. They are able to deal with stress, overcome obstacles, and inspire others to work toward collective goals. They manage conflict with less fallout and build stronger...

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  • wegvervoerskosten voor 2022

    Wegvervoerskosten voor 2022

    Opmerking: In dit artikel ligt de focus op de situatie in Nederland maar de resultaten hebben ook betrekking op internationaal transport. Rapport: Wegvervoerskosten voor 2022 Het totale kostenniveau in het wegvervoer is flink gestegen. Dit blijkt uit het rapport ‘Kostenontwikkelingen in het wegvervoer 2021-2022’, gemaakt door onderzoeksbureau Panteia in opdracht...

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  • made in china

    After years of ‘Made in China,’ supply chains consider alternatives

    Note: This article focusses on the US.  The change in tone from U.S.-based supply chains is not a mass exodus from China. Instead, it’s an approach that embraces diversification. The “Made in China” label is ubiquitous in the United States, stamped on everything from industrial machinery to a pair of...

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  • How to remember what you’ve learned online

    How to remember what you’ve learned online

    Digital courses offer immense flexibility, but they must be treated by both users and employers with as much care as any other format to ensure that the learning sticks. As most of the world closed down last spring, the potential for digital learning opened up. After all, with lockdown restrictions...

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  • Benefits to Adding Sustainability Measures in Your Contracts

    Benefits to Adding Sustainability Measures in Your Contracts

    5 Benefits to Adding Sustainability Measures in Your Contracts (and How to Get Started) The value creation challenges we faced decades ago are the same that organizations still grapple with today. The main difference, however, is that the rate of innovation is accelerating daily. So, although studying the past should...

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  • Inkooptrendsonderzoek 2022

    Inkooptrendsonderzoek 2022 Dit jaar voert Supply Value het jaarlijkse inkooptrendsonderzoek voor de tiende keer uit! Met dit onderzoek naar de inkooptrends voor 2022 houdt Supply Value u als inkoopprofessional op de hoogte van de belangrijkste prioriteiten in het vakgebied inkoop. Met de resultaten hopen zij u te inspireren voor het...

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  • Whitepaper Boinic Demand Planning

    Whitepaper: Bionic Demand Planning

    Bionic Demand Planning, download the whitepaper by Garvis!  Only when man and machine join hands can we expect to achieve the exceptional results necessary to meet our current business environment’s changing demands. The New Way Forward in Demand Planning This whitepaper discusses the challenges businesses face in the new normal,...

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  • rising inflation in freight

    Companies report rising inflation in freight, raw materials: Gartner

    Brief: More than half of organizations said they’ve experienced inflation in raw materials, commodities and freight in the second quarter of this year, according to a Gartner global survey of 111 CFOs. Meanwhile, around three in five organizations reported wage inflation, nearly double the amount during the first quarter. Due to continued...

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