medium-sized companies need P2P software

Why even medium-sized companies need P2P software to ensure operational efficiency

Why even medium-sized companies need P2P software to ensure operational efficiency When SMBs launch, they tend to have informal procurement processes. This informality might work with four to five employees and a handful of customers, but it simply isn’t practical for a growing business. When growing from SMB to mid-market,...

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4 Ways to more effectively deal with backorders

Retailers are tired of saying it and customers are beyond frustrated with hearing it: “Sorry, but your purchase is on backorder.” Backordered items come with the territory in just about any industry where products are bought and sold, but due to the ongoing supply chain challenges, backorders have surged, even...

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Twee op drie werkgevers zijn van plan hun personeelsbestand uit te breiden

ManpowerGroup Barometer voor de tewerkstellingsvooruitzichten – 1e kwartaal 2022 FOCUS SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTIEK Twee op drie werkgevers uit de sector Supply Chain/Logistiek  zijn van plan hun personeelsbestand tegen het eind maart 2022 uit te breiden Brussel, België, 14 december 2021 – Volgens de ManpowerGroup Barometer die vandaag is vrijgegeven,...

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Suppliers are primary stakeholders too

Suppliers are primary stakeholders too The SOW services procurement value equation is straightforward: clear need + sufficient budget + right service provider + right price + excellent delivery = best outcome If you look more closely at that equation you will realize the best outcome can only be achieved if the...

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biodiversity loss corporate agenda

Why biodiversity loss is rising up the corporate agenda

Biodiversity loss is rising up the corporate agenda The need to tackle nature loss is climbing both policy-makers’ and business leaders’ agendas, as the world’s diminishing biodiversity and climate change are inextricably linked. The United Nations held another COP conference this year, a much-postponed gathering that addressed nature loss. The...

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prices of plastics

What’s driving up the prices of plastics?

The prices of plastics It isn’t just the common products customers buy that are in short supply; so too are the plastic packages that hold those items, as the key material used to manufacture plastics is difficult to come by and is contributing to rising inflation. That material is resin....

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Commissie wil investeren in buitenland, dus komt er tegenhanger voor Nieuwe Zijderoute

De Europese Commissie wil meer en strategischer investeren in het buitenland. Met zo’n 300 miljard euro hoopt de Europese Commissie de komende jaren een duurzaam en transparant alternatief te bieden voor de wereldwijde miljardeninvesteringen van China. Dat zei Commissievoorzitter Von der Leyen bij de presentatie van de Global Gateway. Volgens Von...

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voertuigcombinaties van 48 ton

Vlaanderen staat voertuigcombinaties van 48 ton toe

Vlaanderen staat voertuigcombinaties van 48 ton toe Vlaamse overheid verruimt maatregel voor zware vrachtautocombinaties  De Vlaamse overheid heeft een verruiming van het onder voorwaarden toestaan van voertuigcombinaties met een maximum toegestaan totaalgewicht van 48 ton eerder in laten gaan. De bedoeling was dat de nieuwe maatregel begin 2022 van kracht...

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Maatregelen EU-landen

Maatregelen EU-landen hebben negatieve impact op logistiek

Maatregelen EU-landen hebben negatieve impact op logistiek Omikron variant gooit goederenvervoer overhoop Het vrachtvervoer binnen de EU ondervindt momenteel veel hinder van diverse coronamaatregelen die omringende landen hebben doorgevoerd. Redenen hiervoor zijn de oplopende besmettingen in deze landen en de angst voor de besmetting door de nieuwe Omikronvariant. Handels- en...

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P2P digitalization

5 reasons it’s important to accelerate P2P digitalization

5 reasons it’s important to accelerate P2P digitalization: Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) P2P Webinar In a recent webinar with Forrester Consulting, an industry-leading analyst firm, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Duncan Jones and Senior Consultant, Aashish Sharma, discussed the importance of procure-to-pay (P2P) digitization and what to prioritize when navigating vendor...

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Invite: Virtual Logistics and Supply Chains tech mission

Invite: Virtual Logistics and Supply Chains tech mission We have the privilege and honour to welcome the following Virtual Mission, organized by the Trade Commissioner of Canada to Belgium and Luxemburg. Since the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been agreed in 2017 eliminating duties on 98% of...

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How to win at the logistics game of exceptions

The Suez Canal blockage, COVID, trade wars … Moving goods across the globe really has become a game of exceptions. This puts huge pressure on your logistics teams who struggle to keep up. As a result, the industry is forced to rethink the way they manage transportation. SupplyStack’s modern Transportation...

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extinguish employee burnout

How to extinguish employee burnout

Burnout levels among professionals are spiralling. What can be done to beat back the flames? Burnout is on the rise. Granted, it’s hardly a new phenomenon. But when you factor in the small matter of a global pandemic and the impact of working from home (WFH) on our ability to switch...

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sole source supplier woes

Neutralize sole source supplier woes

5 Tips that can help you neutralize sole source supplier woes If turning back time was an option and COVID-19 could be erased from history, most business owners would likely take advantage of such an opportunity. But at the same time, the coronavirus provided a number of invaluable lessons that...

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What's next for the supply chain?

What’s next for the supply chain?

What’s next for the supply chain? An expert’s take ‘Supply Chain Management Best Practices’ author David Blanchard discusses pandemic lessons, how the SCOR model can help and why sustainability is so complex. No matter the state of the economy, supply chain leaders need to remember the basics and stay on...

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Free Webinar Sustainable business: from Qualifier to differentiator by BISCI

Free Webinar Sustainable business Supply Chain Masters – BISCI Webinar: “Sustainable business: from Qualifier to differentiator” Enhance your knowledge on sustainable business, with focus on procurement. BISCI, Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, is a knowledge institute active in Limburg that orchestrates projects connecting academia, companies and government. The result...

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