Digital Twins SCM
5 oktober, 2023

Digital twins in supply chain

Why do you need it? What can you do with it?

Need help to navigate in contemporary technological landscape? Is Digital Twin technology something you should consider as investment in the coming years?
What is it about, and what is already up and running in the industry today?

For you, we bring together experts who implemented Digital Twin solutions for Supply Chain applications.
They will illustrate the concept and the technology through realised cases, for us to get the picture of its advantages, prerequisites and challenges.

On the other side, is Digital Twin the only / the best answer to all the challenges ? What alternative technologies can help get similar advantages with lower investment?
Where the Digital Twin really adds value?

Our seminar is intended to Heads of Supply Chain and Operations in search to learn more about emerging technology, for Big, Medium and Small enterprises.
The effort will be made to avoid technical details and concentrate on “WIIFM” (“What’s In It For Me”).

What ?

    • 1.30 – 2.00 PM: Welcome
    • 2.00 – 2.20 PM : Introduction ‘Digital Twin, what is it about?’ by Jan De Kimpe, VP PICS Belgium
    • 2.20 – 3.05 PM: ‘Digital Twins as Logistics Operating Systems’ by Stefan Russu, Deloitte
    • 3.05 – 3.15 PM: Break
    • 3.15 – 4.00 PM: The Industrial Metaverse – How to implement it? by Evarest Schoofs, One Bonsai
    • 4.00 – 4.45 PM: ‘Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins: Navigating a Dispersed IT Landscape for Supply Chain Insights and Probabilistic Planning’ by Koen Cobbaert, Bluecrux
    • 4.45 – 5.30 PM: Expert Panel Discussion animated by Jelena Skuridina, ABCAL
    • 5.30 – 7.00 PM: Networking


  • Price for members (Abcal/ PICS Belgium & SCM): 200€ excl.VAT
  • Price for non-members: 250€ excl.VAT
  • As the activities are regularly full, a timely cancellation allows us:
    ♦ to offer the place to another person from the waiting list;
    ♦ to have catering costs in line with reality.If you are unable to attend, we ask you to cancel your registration more than a week ahead
    Otherwise, we will have to charge a cancellation fee of €50 excluding VAT.


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