Whitepaper: EU energy labelling system

Whitepaper: explaining the new EU energy label system to public buyers

Since March 2021, the EU has been implementing new regulations regarding energy labels. The new labelling requirements are progressively being rolled out to nine product categories, which has significant impacts for public procurers purchasing or leasing electric appliances.

In order to assist public procurers with this transition, the BELT project has just published a White Paper summarising key provisions of the new EU energy labelling system and providing recommendations to public procurers for complying with the regulations.

Read the whitepaper, or get in touch with elsa.durieux@iclei.org for any questions!

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability is part of the BELT project creating awareness amongst European public and business procurement personnel (PPP). BELT has the objective to facilitate the transition period of the energy efficiency label (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369) informing and supporting all stakeholders and to reduce to a minimum errors at all levels of the value chain from manufacturer to consumer.