The Procurement Excellence Award is handed out to a procurement project that contributes to more added value for the company and better recognition of the procurement function within the organization.

As a procurement department, you can hand in your successful procurement project that

  • Created more business value for your company.
  • Obtained early involvement of procurement.
  • Drove innovation or sustainability through supplier involvement.
  • Made your procurement organization future-proof.
  • Reduced and managed risks in your supply chain.
  • Or enhanced in any other way the role of procurement.

A professional jury will select 4 finalists based upon the dossier and a company visit.

The finalists of the Procurement Excellence Award will present their best practices at an exclusive Procurement Award Event. During this event you can learn about best practices from our finalists, and the candidates for Procurement Ambassador. You will also be invited to cast your vote, and elect the Winner for the Prize of the Peers.


“Fiber to your home - Creating value by changing the sourcing model" presented by Anja Ysebaert, Lead Manager Sourcing and Niels Franckaert, Procurement Analyst

Fiber for Belgium is an ambitious 3 billion € investment plan of Proximus to bring future-proof networks to all customers. Seen the strategic importance and the exponential growth of this spend, cost control and value sourcing are critical for this category. This context required a flexible sourcing strategy, implying a cultural evolution and a strategy that focused on demand management, product simplification, cross functional collaboration and increased supplier competition. Historically the traditional role of procurement at Proximus was rather narrow, but recently it has evolved into that of a trusted business advisor and change agent.

"Buy from Startups@Digipolis" presented by Ann Fournier, Head of Procurement

In 2015 Digipolis took an important step in the future development of metropolitan and "smart" applications with the development of the Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaaS). Building ACPaaS requires fresh ideas, innovative solutions and short lead-times. For this reason Digipolis set up in parallel a low-threshold and intense collaboration with young, creative entrepreneurs. In order to be able to work on a structural basis with these start-up companies, a series of fast and lean public procurement procedures were being developed (#buyfromstartups). These 'light' procedures are a combination of the negotiated procedure without prior publication and a number of specific aspects of a procedure called Pre-Commercial Procurement.

2017: ATLAS COPCO Industrial Air
"Excellerate new product introduction via new supplier model" presented by Senne Cuypers, Teamleader Sourcing

The most important merit of this winning project is that it goes much further than better positioning procurementwithin the organization. Atlas Copco Industrial Air is market leader in its segment. To maintain and strengthen this leader position, and also to realise sustainable growth, it is of utmost importance that new product scan be introduced faster into the market. The procurement department did proactively focus on this strategic goal of the company. By segmentation of the sourcing strategy they have succeeded in shortening the time-to-market with several weeks, whilst also lowering the price of the product.

2016: AGFA
"ACE 105 - Make internal partnerships deliver" presented by Emmanuel Bernoux, CPO and Wouter Machiels, Project manager and Head of Purchasing Process Office

The main goal of the ACE105 Procurement project was to make the largest contribution (105 million) to the profit target of AGFA. It distinguishes itself by the cross functional and cross category approach, and by its ambitious goal. The project delivered on its promise and beyond, and thus strengthened the position of the procurement department within AGFA.

2015: BPOST
ASSET@bpost presented by Luc Cloet, CIO and Yannick De Tandt, Procurement manager a.i.

The project ASSET@bpost is a fine example of the use of innovative procurement skills to translate a business strategy into concrete results. The ASSET methodology was used for sourcing of contingent workforce, interim managers, project workers via an MSP, in line with laws on public procurement. The project resulted in a significant cost reduction, reduction in the number of suppliers, simplified ordering procedures and more transparency.