28 november, 2023

Webinar: Supply Chain with digital efficiency – Leveraging e-Invoicing, e-Ordering, and e-Delivery

WEBINAR:  Supply Chain with digital efficiency -  Leveraging e-Invoicing, e-Ordering, and e-Delivery


We find ourselves in an era of rapidly progressing technological advancement, especially since the last change in mandates, which will make e-Invoicing mandatory in Belgium starting from 2024. This makes it crucial to seize the opportunities to elevate our Supply Chain processes to new heights of efficiency. Therefore, we would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, titled "Supply Chain with Digital Efficiency: Leveraging e-Invoicing, e-Ordering, and e-Delivery."


What to expect?

During this webinar, we will focus on the vital aspects of e-Invoicing, e-Ordering, and e-Delivery in the context of Supply Chain. These technologies not only offer the potential to optimize your processes but can also be the key to gaining a competitive advantage and thriving in an ever-changing market.


We will show how Routty, the innovative Dynatos platform, can be the missing link in your digitalization strategy. Routty has developed a comprehensive solution to tackle the complex web of connections and challenges within your company environment.


This session is an opportunity to understand how Routty can support your company in streamlining your Supply Chain processes and achieving operational efficiency. Our inhouse specialists Mike Vandamme and Nele Janssens will broaden your perspectives and assist you in discovering new opportunities to thrive in the modern digital Supply Chain landscape.


Channel: Microsoft Teams. The link to participate will be sent to you on 27


Timing: 28/11/2023 from 12pm to 13pm

Dit is een gratis ledenevent. Niet-leden betalen 25 euro (excl. BTW) voor deelname. Ontdek hier alle voordelen van ons lidmaatschap.

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