Global Procurement Event – free tickets

Global Procurement Event - free tickets

Global Procurement Event – free tickets

Basware is sponsoring a new procurement event in Finland on Nov 25th Smart Supply Chain & Procurement. All info on the event can be found here:

Basware has a presentation by Katy Fonteyn “Agility in a constantly changing economy where supply is scarce” and Tuula Tuononen is the Basware host on two Nordic Leaders Circle panels: “Agile operating model in procurement” and “The challenges in procurement”.

We would like to invite you to this event for FREE ( normal ticket price is 490 – 890€ ex VAT) !

Register via the Nordic Leaders Circle -page:  and enter the whole event free of charge.


About Smart Suppy Chain & Procurement 2021:

If the global crisis has taught us one thing, it’s just how critical supply chain management is.

In the aftermath of the pandemic let’s shine light on the once invisible divisions that are gaining their served appreciation.

Procurement and supply chain functions take a bigger role on a broader and deeper set of strategic responsibilities than ever before. They go from the back office to making a direct impact to customer experience and bring value beyond the cost savings and efficient transportation.

In the new world there is no excuse to push back on sustainability measures and customer centricity in the supply chain. For the future, not only do you need to do  effective risk management that creates agile and resilient supply chains, but as technology revolutionises the industry, you need to know how to leverage the innovations and AI-powered solutions. With the use of data and digitally enabled visibility you power the supply chain performance making your business keep up with future demands.

This forward thinking and smart solutions are your go-to tools to the after pandemic life.

Welcome to the Smart Supply Chain and Procurement 2021!


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